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Knockout sarah maclean pdf: Returning with her signature flair, Sarah MacLean, a beloved author with accolades from the New York Times bestseller list, introduces her latest installment in the Hell’s Belles series.  

This novel chronicle the escapades of a vivacious bluestocking and the composed detective tasked with curbing her mischievous tendencies (hint: she is the mischief itself). Blessed with an unruly crown of curls and a mind teeming with audacious notions, Lady Imogen Loveless stands as society’s peculiar puzzle.  

Knockout sarah maclean pdf

Beneath this facade, however, lies her affiliation with the enigmatic Hell’s Belles—a covert assembly of vigilantes operating on the outskirts of London’s awareness.  

Thomas Peck is far from your typical Londoner. An astute detective, he clawed his way off the streets, forging a promising career through tenacity and an uncanny knack for uncovering hidden truths.  

To him, Imogen isn’t peculiar; she’s an embodiment of pandemonium. He believes she necessitates a guardian. When her influential family learns of her nocturnal exploits, they concur, and they have just the man in mind.  

Guarding Imogen is not on Thomas’s agenda. A grown man with a responsible occupation, he dismisses the lady’s explosive capers, regardless of how alluringly they’re packaged.  

Nevertheless, some missions are too volatile to decline, and the gruff detective soon becomes ensnared in Imogen’s world—a world of audacious grins, veiled enigmas, and an ardent fervor that threatens to engulf them both. 

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Book Name Knockout: A Hell’s Belles Novel
Author  Sarah MacLean
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 409
Language English
Release date August 22, 2023
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