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None of this is true lisa jewell pdf: Get ready for a gripping psychological thriller from Lisa Jewell, the #1 New York Times bestselling author acclaimed for her masterful storytelling, twisted characters, and compelling prose. The name of the book is None of This Is True: A Novel which is written by Lisa Jewell, is scheduled to be released on August 8, 2023.  

In this scintillating new novel, Jewell delves into the intriguing tale of a woman who unwittingly becomes the subject of her own popular true crime podcast.  

None of this is true lisa jewell pdf

Alix Summer, a renowned podcaster, is celebrating her forty-fifth birthday at her local pub when she crosses paths with a seemingly unremarkable woman named Josie Fair.  

To their surprise, Josie reveals that she too is celebrating her forty-fifth birthday, making them birthday twins. Their encounter doesn’t end there, as fate brings them together once again outside Alix’s children’s school.  

Intrigued by Alix’s podcasts, Josie sees her as a potential subject for her own series and hints at upcoming life-changing events.  

Although Alix finds Josie both unsettling and enigmatic, she cannot resist the allure of being featured in Josie’s podcast. As Alix delves deeper into Josie’s strange and intricate life, she begins to unravel dark secrets hidden beneath the surface.  

Unbeknownst to Alix, Josie gradually infiltrates her life and home, ensnaring her in a web of danger and manipulation.   

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Just as suddenly as she arrived, Josie vanishes, leaving Alix to discover the horrifying legacy she has left behind. Alix realizes that she has become the central figure in her own true crime podcast, with her life and the lives of her family hanging in the balance. 

As Alix races against time to unravel the enigma that is Josie Fair, she confronts the chilling question: Who is Josie Fair, and what unspeakable acts has she committed?   

Prepare for a suspenseful and atmospheric journey where Lisa Jewell masterfully crafts a tale of secrets, betrayal, and a race against an unknown menace.  To Have and to Heist PDF

In this psychological thriller, Alix’s very existence is threatened as she dives into the depths of a mystery that will leave readers breathless until the final revelation. 

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Book Name None of This Is True: A Novel
Author Lisa Jewell
Format PDF
Pages 380
Size mb 
Release date August 8, 2023
Language English
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