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To have and to heist pdf: There is a new novel called To Have and to Heist which is set to release on July 18, 2023, and written by Sara Desai. Prepare for a side-splitting romantic-comedy caper as one woman takes on a daring mission to clear her best friend’s name in the hilarious novel by the author of The Dating Plan.  

Simi Chopra’s luck seems to have hit rock bottom. Job after job slips through her fingers, her student loan debt spirals out of control, her basement apartment turns into a perpetual flood zone, and now her best friend faces accusations of stealing a priceless diamond necklace.  

To have and to heist pdf

Desperate for a stroke of good fortune, Simi’s life takes an unexpected turn when Jack emerges from the bushes, bringing charm and mystery to him.  

In a whirlwind of events, Jack proposes a daring plan to help Simi locate the missing necklace and reclaim it. Eager to vindicate her friend’s innocence and seize the hefty reward, Simi eagerly jumps on board.  

However, a successful heist requires a crew. Simi must assemble a motley group of strangers, transforming them into an elite team of thieves.  

Their mission? Infiltrate a high-society wedding, where secrets abound, and pilfer the necklace from a notorious criminal before the couple says their vows.  

To have and to heist sara desai epub 

Amidst the chaos, Simi finds herself captivated by Jack, whose enigmatic nature adds an extra layer of intrigue. As they work together, sparks fly and Simi realizes that perhaps the true heist isn’t the necklace, but rather the way Jack is stealthily stealing her heart.  

But with secrets, a persistent detective with an irresistible smile, and the bride’s hidden agenda in the mix, Simi must navigate a tangled web of deceptions to pull off the ultimate robbery. The Gloom Between Stars PDF 

Join Simi on this uproarious adventure where laughs, love, and unexpected twists await at every turn. Will she manage to clear her friend’s name and claim the reward, all while safeguarding her heart from being stolen? 

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Book Name To Have and to Heist
Author  Sara Desai
Format PDF
Pages 415
Size mb 
Release date July 18, 2023
Language English
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