Pathfinder 2e Rage of Elements PDF

Pathfinder 2e rage of elements pdf: The “Pathfinder RPG Rage of Elements” book delves into the thrilling realm of elemental power and primal forces within the context of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This captivating 224-page resource introduces an array of content aimed at enhancing gameplay and providing new dimensions to character creation, storytelling, and world-building. 

Blaze with the intensity of the sun! Crash like the relentless waves! Roar like thunder echoing through a rockslide!  

Pathfinder 2e rage of elements pdf

Embrace the boundless might of nature’s primal forces through Rage of Elements, a fresh 224-page compendium of rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, centered around the fundamental cornerstones of reality itself!  

Seize command over the elements through the novel kineticist class, ushering in one of fantasy’s most beloved archetypes into the realm of Pathfinder. Fresh elemental spells and equipment offer a plethora of element-inspired choices for characters across all classes.  

An expansive geographical index paints a panoramic picture of the grand elemental planes, including two novel domains: the corroded Plane of Metal and the sprawling, orderly woodlands of the Plane of Wood.

Pathfinder rage of elements pdf free 

A substantial bestiary introduces a myriad of creatures interwoven with elemental themes, bringing life and energy to even the most mundane dungeons of the Material Plane! The pathways to elemental supremacy beckon you forth with Pathfinder Rage of Elements! 

Whether you’re a seasoned Pathfinder player seeking fresh content or a game master looking to infuse your campaigns with elemental flair, “Pathfinder RPG Rage of Elements” offers a wealth of resources and inspiration.  

It invites you to explore the primal powers of the universe and weave them into your tabletop adventures, promising hours of imaginative and immersive gameplay. 

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Book Name Pathfinder RPG Rage of Elements (P2)
Author  Logan Bonner
Format PDF
Pages 224
Size mb 
Release date August 8, 2023
Language English
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