Starfinder Enhanced PDF

Starfinder enhanced pdf: Ready to Elevate Your Starfinder Adventure?   

Introducing the Starfinder Enhanced – your ultimate companion for a stellar gaming experience! Dive into this 192-page hardcover rules resource that’s packed with everything you need to take your Starfinder journey to the next level. It’s time to explore the infinite possibilities of the cosmos!  

Starfinder enhanced pdf

What’s Inside Starfinder Enhanced?  

  • Reimagined Core Classes: The envoy, solarian, technomancer, and witchwarper classes have been revamped for better balance and playability.  
  • Character Customization: Discover new class features and character options for every Starfinder class published to date. Your character, your way  
  • Fresh Archetypes & Spells: Experiment with brand-new archetypes, spells, equipment, and a treasure trove of over 90 new feats to create the character of your dreams.  
  • Never Say Goodbye to Your Gear: Explore rules for scalable equipment, ensuring your trusty sidearm can evolve with you.  
  • Exciting New Subsystems: Experience narrative starship combat like never before, foster bonds with expanded creature companions, and find innovative ways to spend your Resolve Points.  
  • Diverse Playable Species: Choose from 12 playable species, including fan favorites and entirely new options. Shape-shift into a kitsune or embrace the enigmatic novians born from dying suns!  

With Starfinder Enhanced by your side, you’re prepared for the challenges that await in the boundless realms of space.   

Get ready to embark on a cosmic adventure like no other. 

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Book Name Starfinder RPG: Starfinder Enhanced
Author  Kate Baker
Format PDF
Pages 192
Size mb 
Release date October 31, 2023
Language English
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