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Provisional degree certificate: Provisional Degree certificate here we are going to discuss about PDC. In this article we are going to cover what is PDF and the prerequisites for pre requirements for the PDC and the last one we learn how and when to apply the PDF.  

So, let’s jump into the first section what is provisional degree certificates if you understand what is provisional degree certificate you can understand if you need it when to apply it, if you are eligible for it. So, you need to know what this Provisional degree certificate. Provisional Certificate it’s an alternative for your degree certificate and originally it has not only that you can use this as an alternative the PDC as imaginative if you go for a campus recruitment for job interviews.  

Provisional degree certificate PDF

Nowadays SBI examination has introduced to accept provisional in the recruitment process but there that if you have all appeared in the SBI examination application, if you check the arrow mark, they have we have a link there.  

They will ask you for a Provisional certificate if not they will ask you for PC so some of the important points and one of the major points you that this is not your certificate and you cannot use it as your duplicate degree certificate.  

After the declaration of final semester revaluation results that means that you are applying you should write that letter stating remember after the final semester revaluation itself now what are the reasons what is this letter you have to right to reach you not get the PDC 

So, you have to write a letter stating that you will not apply for evaluation improvement to performance examination and pre-exam any previous or present subjects, so this should be posted you will get your talent you have to observe these important facts about remembering the validity of BTC is only as you get your original degree certificate. 

what is provisional degree certificate

If you have the certificates don’t need these, you have original and the PDC is applied only once that is if you lose the PD then show it only once and if you lose it you have to get a duplicate one so you cannot Xerox it or do whatever you can if you lose the PDC apply for a duplicate.  

Next one that is the third one is the pre requirements would be all the basic requirements before you can apply and this makes you know that are you eligible for the PC or not.  

So, you have to know the date and announcement of notification for application because without releasing notification you cannot apply for PC and the last one you have to complete the credit is not critical.  

so over the next one the last part that is how it went to apply for before we discuss how with discuss that’s important first one is after you completely clear your engineering degree all semesters everything completed engineering.  

You have to fulfill the prerequisites that are being given prerequisites, if you want to apply before the revolution results you have to write a letter.  

You can easily apply for PC and they will release a notification to apply for British after the evaluation results, so wait for that and apply in that and before you receive your order certificate if you receive it, we can do don’t need PDC and they also will not issue next one.  

Application for Provisional Certificate

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