Sanctuary with Kings Kathryn Moon PDF

Sanctuary with kings kathryn moon pdf: This is the time to grab the newly released next part of the most awaited series Tempting Monsters which is written by Kathryn Moon and illustrated by Jodielocks Designs. The name of the 3 books is Sanctuary with Kings released in kindle and paperback format.  

For half her life, Evanthia has been trapped inside the confinements of the Seven Veils. However, when the house finally crumbles, she seizes the opportunity and escapes from Birsha and his twisted pleasures.  

Sanctuary with kings kathryn moon pdf

But in her quest for survival, she realizes that pleasure has become a necessity, leaving her vulnerable and starving on the dark streets of London.  

Kathryn Moon is an author known for her literary works. She has contributed to various genres and has gained recognition for her storytelling skills. Her writing style captivates readers and takes them on imaginative journeys through her creative narratives. 

Fate intervenes when a mysterious monster rescues her, offering sanctuary from the horrors she endured. Yet, even in this quiet refuge, Evanthia must rebuild the shattered pieces of herself that Birsha left behind.  

Sanctuary with kings epub 

Despite finding temporary solace among sleeping dragons and lonely monsters in a dream-like castle, her unending hunger persists, and the nightmares haunt her still.  

Amidst the brewing war on the horizon, the last place she wants to be is entangled in the conflict. As she seeks shelter in the sanctuary provided by the kings who protect her, Evanthia’s heart cannot remain dormant forever.  

She faces a tough decision: should she continue hiding from her haunting past, or confront the man she fears the most on the battlefield? Just Another Missing Person PDF

About sanctuary with kings kathryn moon epub 

Book Name Sanctuary with Kings
Author  Kathryn Moon
Format PDF
Pages 519
Size mb 
Release date July 20, 2023
Language English
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