The Asylum Confessions PDF

The asylum confessions pdf: In this chilling account, they come alive, but they always leave in death’s cold embrace. Meet Jack Steen, the night nurse at the Asylum for the Criminally Insane, where he encounters the most horrifying individuals – serial killers and mass murderers.  

To these dark souls, he is known as the Angel of Death, the one they seek for a painless exit from this world. However, Jack has his own sinister agenda – he craves the truth behind their heinous acts, the untold stories they have kept hidden from the world.   

The asylum confessions pdf

But dealing with these master manipulators is no easy task. Jack is well aware that they might be playing mind games with him, blurring the lines between reality and deceit. Yet, he takes the risk, driven by an insatiable thirst for the truth. 

Now, you, the reader, are invited into this grim world of terror. Inside the pages of this book, you will find four haunting DeathBed Confessions, each centered around a serial killer: 

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  • Patient Karen – A woman whose pious façade hides sinister secrets, far from the churchgoing image she portrays. 
  • Patient Clinton – An enigma who claims to be color-blind, except for a blood-soaked hue that he sees in rare instances. 
  • Patient Cori – A deranged carnival worker who takes pride in her psychosis and the horrors she embraces. 
  • Patient Sister Rose – An ultimate embodiment of a killer sister, whose darkness knows no bounds. 

Enter this twisted realm where confessions intertwine with malevolence, and the line between truth and deception blurs into an abyss of terror. Brace yourself as you explore the depths of darkness and the mind games that may leave you questioning your own sanity. 

About the asylum confessions jack steen epub  

Book Name The Asylum Confessions: Serial Killers
Author Jack Steen
Format PDF
Pages 255
Size mb 
Release date July 20, 2023
Language English
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