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Spy school goes north pdf: The “Spy School” series is a popular series of middle-grade spy adventure novels written by Stuart Gibbs.  

The series follows the adventures of Benjamin “Ben” Ripley, a young teenager who unexpectedly finds himself recruited into a secret spy organization known as the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Academy of Espionage, also known as Spy School. 

Spy school goes north pdf

New Spy School Adventure Unleashed!   

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed ride in the eleventh installment of the sensational Spy School series!   

In this thrilling edition, Ben Ripley takes center stage as he embarks on a high-stakes rescue mission to save one of his own from a remote Alaskan training facility.   

Ben and his trusty friends are during their rigorous training in the wilds of Alaska when disaster strikes—Cyrus Hale, one of their own, is abducted by his relentless Russian nemesis. ??  

Join Ben, Erica, and the rest of the crew as they rally together for a heart-pounding rescue mission. But hold onto your spy hats, because the plot takes a twist that will leave you breathless.   

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Dive deep into the enigmatic history of US-Russian relations, where secrets and betrayals run deep. Meet a young and formidable KGB agent whose skills rival even those of the indomitable Erica.  

And, of course, be prepared for unexpected encounters with none other than the majestic yet menacing Alaskan bears.  

Get your copy now and immerse yourself in a world of espionage, danger, and intrigue that only Stuart Gibbs can deliver! Throughout the series, Ben Ripley navigates the challenges of spy training, espionage, and solving various mysteries and missions.  

The books are known for their humor, action, and clever use of spy gadgets and tactics. As the series progresses, Ben and his friends become involved in increasingly complex and dangerous missions, often facing off against formidable adversaries. 

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Book Name Spy School Goes North
Author Stuart Gibbs
Format PDF
Pages 304
Size mb 
Release date October 3, 2023
Language English
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