Stalin History and Critique of A Black Legend PDF

Stalin history and critique of a black legend pdf: Iskra Books takes great pride in presenting the inaugural authorized English edition of Domenico Losurdo’s legendary work, “Stalin: History and Critique of a Black Legend,” meticulously translated for the first time from the original Italian.  

With a firm belief that the prevailing dismissal or vilification of Josef Stalin as a historical figure warrants meticulous and critical examination, Losurdo invites readers to form their own conclusions about Stalin, rather than passively adopting popular and received notions.  

Stalin history and critique of a black legend pdf

He asserts that the prevalent caricatures of Stalin as the embodiment of evil, which have permeated liberal democracies and been uncritically embraced by many Western leftists, are more intertwined with the concerns of ruling classes than they are grounded in substantial evidence.  

Even the act of pointing out these issues with conventional portrayals of Stalin subjected Losurdo to accusations of “Stalinism” or “neo-Stalinism,” though he emphasized that his text on Stalin was not an attempt at rehabilitation, but rather a contribution aimed at contextualization and ending the demonization of Stalin—an individual who even earned praise from Gandhi in 1946.  

Losurdo’s exploration of the historical representations of Stalin, along with similar works, holds particular relevance in our contemporary era.  

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Over time, we become increasingly distant from the voices that once challenged the construction of the dominant perspective on Stalin.  

Losurdo teaches us, among other lessons, that understanding historical context and drawing coeval comparisons are vital for testing one’s political philosophy and principles, deepening our comprehension of socialist history, and concurrently dismantling bourgeois ideologies. 

“Domenico Losurdo’s ‘Stalin: History and Critique of a Black Legend’ rectifies the distorted personal and political narrative propagated by Western historians for over seven decades.  

This authoritative work convincingly counters the prejudiced distortions presented by both establishment and left-wing historians. 

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Book Name Stalin: History and Critique of a Black Legend
Author  Domenico Losurdo
Format PDF
Pages 388
Size mb 
Release date August 10, 2023
Language English
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