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Killing the witches pdf: Discover the Spellbinding World of History with Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Series!   

With an astonishing 19 million copies in print and a stellar track record of securing the #1 spot on New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists, Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing” series reigns as the globe’s most beloved collection of narrative histories.  

killing the witches pdf

“Killing the Witches” Unearths Salem’s Dark Past   

In this gripping narrative, we journey back to the spine-tingling and unexplained events of 1692 and 1693 in Salem Village, Massachusetts.  

What commenced as an enigmatic ailment afflicting two young girls, marked by violent fits and bizarre behaviors, swiftly gripped other young women. Soon, Salem was engulfed in a maelstrom of rumors concerning demonic possession and witchcraft.  

The consequences were dire: three women arrested, over 200 individuals accused, thirty declared guilty, twenty facing execution, and countless lives shattered.  

Unveiling the Roots of America’s Beginnings   

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“Killing the Witches” offers a dramatic retelling of how the Puritan legacy and the influence of early American ministers sculpted the birth of the United States.  

This historical narrative goes beyond the Salem witch trials, demonstrating how they shaped the founding fathers, the American Revolution, and even the Constitutional Convention.  

Salem’s repercussions extend into modern times, influencing stories like “The Exorcist” and fueling contemporary “witch hunts” driven by the power of social media.  

This book is a page-turner that delves into the realms of good, evil, community hysteria, and the chilling potential for fear to eclipse fact and reason.   

Dive into history’s enigma with “Killing the Witches” and unlock the secrets that continue to shape our world today! 

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Book Name Killing the Witches: The Horror of Salem, Massachusetts
Author Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard
Format PDF
Pages 304
Size mb 
Release date September 26, 2023
Language English
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