Invaders and Infidels Book 2 PDF

Invaders and infidels book 2 pdf: Presented in a dynamic and captivating style, the second volume of “Invaders and Infidels” offers a gripping exploration of a pivotal juncture in the early history of Muslim rule in India. 

When QUTUB-UD-DIN AIBAK met his demise during a polo game in 1210, he left behind a fragile, nascent Muslim realm in Delhi. Over the next approximately eighty years, its destiny swung wildly, witnessing the reign of a remarkable twelve monarchs. This era was characterized by unceasing palace coups and a series of political assassinations.  

Invaders and infidels book 2 pdf

The passing of Balban marked the end of the so-called Muslim Slave dynasty, signifying the downfall of the short-lived Turkic Muslim imperialism.  

This event also marked the rise of the Khaljis, hailing from Afghanistan and considered of “low-born” origin. A direct lineage can be drawn from the inception of the Khalji rule to the military airstrip constructed by the US in Zabul in 2006.   

In the second installment of “Invaders and Infidels,” the narrative traces the unlikely ascension of Jalal-ud-din Khalji, an ill-suited monarch, and culminates with the inaugural Islamic raid on Devagiri, the gateway to southern India.  

Invaders and infidels pdf

This event’s repercussions would reverberate through India’s history for the ensuing six centuries.  

The book unfolds a rich tale from a period fraught with bloody intrigues, assertive Islamic expansionism, valiant Hindu resistance, and missed opportunities for cultural revival.  

The storytelling is vibrant and immersive, deftly contrasting the fluctuating tides of Islamic conquests with the subsequent Hindu responses. It uncovers a treasure trove of enlightening and overlooked details about the socio-political and economic landscape of the time, the influence of which can still be discerned today.  

Here are the key points from the book: 

QUTUB-UD-DIN AIBAK’s Death and Fragile Kingdom:  

  • QUTUB-UD-DIN AIBAK died in 1210 during a polo game. 
  • Left behind a fledgling Muslim kingdom in Delhi. 

Fluctuating Fortunes and Political Intrigues:  

  • Over the next eighty years, the kingdom experienced significant fluctuations. 
  • Witnessed the rule of twelve kings. 
  • Period marked by constant palace coups and political assassinations. 

End of Muslim Slave Dynasty and Rise of Khaljis:  

  • Balban’s death marked the end of the Muslim Slave dynasty. 
  • Short-lived Turkic Muslim imperialism came to an end. 
  • Khaljis from Afghanistan, categorized as “low-born,” rose to prominence. 

Khaljis’ Connection and Hindu Disarray:  

  • Khaljis’ origin linked to a US-built military airstrip in Zabul (2006). 
  • Hindu political power in northern India fragmented and leaderless. 
  • Hindu rulers failed to capitalize on openings during Sultanate warfare. 

Invaders and infidels pdf  Details

Book Name Invaders And Infidels: The Khalji Devastation of Infidel Devagiri
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 275
Author Sandeep Balakrishna
Language English

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