The Art of Scandal Regina Black EPUB

The art of scandal regina black epub: In this sizzling and heartwarming debut, romance intertwines with artistic ambitions, political intrigue, and love found in the most unexpected corners.  “The Art of Scandal” is an arresting and thought-provoking debut that delves into the power of passion, the transformative nature of art, and the serendipity of discovering love in the most unexpected places. 

On the eve of her husband Matt’s fortieth birthday, Rachel Abbott receives a provocative text meant for someone else, making her realize that her marriage has taken a troubling turn. As divorce looms, Rachel is determined not to walk away empty-handed after thirteen years of marriage.

The art of scandal regina black epub

At the same time, Matt, a rising star mayor with White House ambitions, can’t afford the scandal of a messy split during his reelection campaign.  

Thus, they strike a fateful agreement: Rachel will receive one million dollars and their opulent house in Oasis Springs, a wealthy DC suburb, on the condition that she continues to play the role of the ideal Black trophy wife until the election is over.  

However, destiny has other plans when Rachel crosses paths with Nathan Vasquez, a strikingly handsome and deeply lost twenty-six-year-old artist.  

Their connection is magnetic, igniting sparks that make Rachel question her role as the politician’s wife.  

As she rekindles Nathan’s long-dormant artistic aspirations, their attraction becomes irresistible. Yet, in a town like Oasis Springs, secrets are hard to keep, and Nathan harbors a few of his own.  

With the risk of scandal threatening to shatter their worlds, they must grapple with whether taking a chance on love is worth potentially losing everything they hold dear.   

About the art of scandal regina black pdf

Book Name The Art of Scandal
Author  Regina Black
Format PDF
Pages 320
Size mb 
Release date August 1, 2023
Language English
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