The Boy You Always Wanted PDF

The boy you always wanted pdf: From the imaginative mind of author Michelle Quach comes a smartly funny and heartwarming tale, narrated from dual points of view, that weaves a story of first love, familial obligations, and self-discovery.  

Perfect for fans of Emiko Jean and Loan Le, this story revolves around Francine, who faces the challenge of fulfilling her grandfather’s final wish: to witness a male heir carrying on their family traditions. While she acknowledges that his expectations are outdated, her love for him knows no bounds.

The boy you always wanted pdf

Her daring solution? Enlist Ollie Tran, a family friend, and her childhood crush, to play the part of the honorary grandson her A Gung never had. 

When she requests his involvement in deceiving her dying grandfather, Ollie hesitates, not understanding why anyone would go to such lengths, even for family. He finds her scheme outdated, and he’s not onboard.  

But as Francine remains steadfast in her pursuit, Ollie finds himself drawn further into her plan and, unexpectedly, into her world.  

As the web of lies and emotions becomes entangled, Francine must come to terms with her own desires and needs, both from herself and from Ollie.  

Sometimes, the person you’ve always dreamed of may not be precisely what you expected. 

About the boy you always wanted pdf download 

Book Name The Boy You Always Wanted
Author Michelle Quach
Format PDF
Pages 336
Size mb 
Release date August 1, 2023
Language English
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