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Vedic maths book pdf download: Vedic Mathematics is a set of instructions(Sutras) and mathematical operations which makes our arithmetical calculations easy and quick. There are 16 sutras(Formulae) and 13 sub-sutras(Sub-Formulae) in Vedic Mathematics which can be used in solving the problems of algebra, geometry, conic sections, arithmetics. 

Vedic Mathematics was discovered by an Indian origin Mathematician named JAGATGURU SHRI BHARATHI KRISHNA TIRTHAJI and wrote the techniques and methods in the Book “Vedic Mathematics Book By Tirathji Maharaj” in the period of 1911 AD to 1918 AD. 

vedic maths book pdf

“Vedic” is a Sanskrit word which means knowledge. Since it uses ancient methods and techniques to solve problems, it proves to be quite faster and more reliable than normal Mathematics because normal Mathematics is complex and requires lots of effort to understand and solve the mathematical operations. 

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History of Vedic Math

Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirathji Maharaj was born in March 1884 in the Puri village which is in Odisha State. His favorite subjects were Science, Humanities, Mathematics along with these he was quite interested in Sanskrit. His inclinations were likewise in spirituality and intercession. Indeed when he was rehearsing meditation in the forest close to Sringeri, he rediscovered the vedic sutras. He asserts that these sutras/procedures he gained from the vedas, particularly “RigVeda” , closed straightforwardly or in a roundabout way and he naturally rediscovered them when he was rehearsing meditation for a considerable period of time. 

Later he composed the sutras on the original copies however were lost. At last in 1957 he composed early on a volume of 16 sutras which is called as vedic Mathematics and wanted to compose different sutras later. Yet, soon he suffered from cataracts in both of his eyes and died in 1960. 

Vedic Math Benefits and Advantages 

Vedic Mathematics can tackle numerical mathematical estimations in a quicker way. A few vedic math scholars reference that using vedic math deceives you can do computations 10 to 16 times quicker than our typical strategies and approaches. I concur this somewhat in light of the fact that a few techniques in vedic mathematics are actually quite quick. Be that as it may, a portion of these techniques are reliant upon the particular numbers which are to be determined. They are called specific strategies

Over 1700% times quicker than ordinary Math this makes it the world’s fastest. 

  • Destroys dread of Math completely. So if your kid has Math phobia then high speed vedic Math is a fun filled method for doing Math and emerges interest in your child. 
  • Significantly better academic performance in school and instant results. Simply see the main exercise and trust it for yourself. Go over the models given in the instructional exercises and you would be stunned. 
  • Hones your brain, increases mental deftness and insight. 
  • Speeds Up accuracy level. Become a mental calculator yourself. 
  • Further develops memory and lifts self assurance. 
  • Fosters your left and right sides of your cerebrum thus utilizing instinct and advancement. It has been noticed that geniuses have been utilizing the right half of the cerebrum to accomplish outstanding outcomes. 
  • Simple to dominate and apply. You simply need the information on tables to realize this. 

Thus we can conclude that Vedic Math is very important for those who want to appear in competitive exams because there is a rush to mark the option faster as possible. Vedic Math can also be used at school levels to solve problems and calculation quickly and efficiently.

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vedic maths full book

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