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Whatever after abby in neverland pdf: The “Whatever After” series is a popular children’s book series written by Sarah Mlynowski. It falls under the genre of fantasy and adventure and is targeted at middle-grade readers.  

The series follows the adventures of two siblings, Abby and Jonah, who discover a magical mirror in their basement. This enchanted mirror transports them to various fairy tales, where they become active participants in the classic stories. Join Abby and Jonah on an exhilarating escapade through the enchanting world of Neverland in this captivating third Special Edition of the New York Times best-selling Whatever After series.  

Whatever after abby in neverland pdf

At home with Jonah’s friends and their fairy companion, Maryrose, an unexpected visitor arrives–the famous Tinkerbell, accompanied by none other than Peter Pan himself.  

The excitement is palpable as Peter Pan reveals his need for new Lost Boys, and before anyone can grasp the situation, Jonah and his friends are whisked away to Neverland. Determined to rescue them, Abby, with Maryrose by her side, courageously ventures into the magical realm.  

Sarah Mlynowski’s “Whatever After” series combines humor, imagination, and problem-solving as the siblings navigate the challenges of each fairy tale world they visit.  

The books explore themes of friendship, courage, and the consequences of their actions. 

Abby in neverland pdf 

Throughout the series, Abby and Jonah find themselves in well-known fairy tales such as “Cinderella,” “Snow White,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and many others.  

However, their presence in these stories often leads to unexpected twists and turns, altering the course of the narratives and requiring them to find creative ways to set things right again.  

The series has been well-received by young readers and has captured the imaginations of many with its fresh take on beloved fairy tales.  

It’s a delightful and engaging collection for children who enjoy magical adventures and the magic of classic stories. 

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Book Name Abby in Neverland
Author  Sarah Mlynowski
Format PDF
Pages 162
Size mb 
Release date August 1, 2023
Language English
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