A Mirror of Common Errors by Ashok Kumar PDF

A mirror of common errors by ashok kumar pdf: Academician Ashok Kumar Singh has authored a comprehensive guide to assist individuals struggling with English language and grammar. The textbook, appropriately titled “A Mirror of Common Errors (Hindi English),” serves as a readily accessible resource for those who face challenges with the intricacies of the language.  

This book is thoughtfully structured, presenting the main textual content followed by problem sets, solutions, and detailed explanations.  

A mirror of common errors by ashok kumar pdf

Given its intended audience of learners unfamiliar with the nuances of the language, the entire book is thoughtfully composed in straightforward English, ensuring clarity and ease of comprehension for readers.  

Additionally, as a bilingual text, a Hindi subtext accompanies much of the relevant material, enhancing convenience and accessibility. This book is a popular guide for English language learners, especially those whose native language is not English.  

It focuses on common errors that learners often make in their written and spoken English and provides explanations and examples to help them understand and correct these errors.  

The book covers various aspects of grammar, vocabulary, and usage, and it is widely used as a reference and self-study tool by students, professionals, and anyone looking to improve their English language skills.  

Throughout the book, there are practice exercises and quizzes that allow readers to test their understanding and reinforce the concepts they’ve learned. 

It aims to enhance the reader’s ability to communicate effectively and accurately in English. 

About mirror of common errors pdf

Book Name A Mirror of Common Error PDF
Author Name Dr. Ashok Kumar singh
Format PDF
Size 29 mb
Pages 145 (English) 
Language English and Hindi
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