God of Ruin PDF Rina kent

God of ruin pdf: Driven by a consuming desire for retribution, I meticulously devised a calculated plan to ensure that the man who disrupted the sanctity of my family faced the consequences of his actions. Initially, my intentions led me to believe that my journey would conclude once justice was served, and balance was restored.  

However, fate took an unexpected turn, unveiling a new chapter in this complex narrative. Enter Landon King, a figure of remarkable artistic brilliance and opulent privilege, whose presence embodies the embodiment of my most profound anxieties.  

God of ruin pdf Rina kent

Landon’s actions transcend his status as a mere antagonist; he becomes an intricate player in a high-stakes game of wits and power dynamics. Yet, Landon fails to grasp the essence of my character—I am not a mere pawn in his calculated maneuvers.  

With every strike he executes, I retaliate with a tenacity that matches, if not surpasses, his own aggression. My responses are not just reactive; they are a mirror reflecting his hostility back at him, amplified twofold.  

In his hubris, Landon proclaims his intent to dismantle my life, to break me down completely.  

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Unbeknownst to him, the concept of ruination is not unidirectional—it flows in both directions, and the consequences of his actions can have a profound impact on his own existence.  

As the narrative unfolds, it becomes clear that the clash between us is not a one-sided battle, but a dynamic exchange where each move, each blow, has a reverberating effect.  

The boundaries between aggressor and defender blur as the story delves into the intricate interplay of power, revenge, and the indomitable strength of the human spirit. 

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Book Name God of Ruin: A Dark College Romance
Author  Rina Kent
Format PDF
Pages 430
Size mb 
Release date August 31, 2023
Language English
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