Advanced Futures Trading Strategies Robert Carver PDF

Advanced futures trading strategies robert carver pdf: Advanced Futures Trading Strategies is a book written by Robert Carver that focuses on advanced trading strategies in the futures market. The book was published in 2023 and is designed to help experienced traders take their skills to the next level.  

The book covers a range of topics related to futures trading, including risk management, portfolio optimization, and trading psychology. One of the strengths of the book is that it is highly practical.

Advanced futures trading strategies robert carver pdf

Carver provides detailed examples of how each trading strategy works as well as practical guidance on how to implement them. The book also includes numerous charts and graphs that illustrate key concepts and trading strategies. One of the key themes of the book is the importance of using a systematic approach to trading.  

Carver argues that successful trading is not about finding the “holy grail” trading strategy, but rather about designing a robust trading system that can adapt to changing market conditions. 

Carver also provides detailed guidance on a range of advanced trading strategies, such as statistical arbitrage, machine learning and volatility trading. 

The book is divided into six parts.  

Part 1 provides an introduction to futures trading including the mechanics of futures contracts, the different types of futures markets, and the benefits and risks of trading futures.  

Part 2 focuses on advanced trading strategies including statistical arbitrage, machine learning, volatility trading and option strategies. Carver provides detailed explanations of each strategy and discusses how they can be applied in different market conditions. 

Part 3 covers risk management and portfolio optimization. Carver emphasizes the importance of managing risk in futures trading and provides guidance on how to design a robust trading system that can adapt to changing market conditions.    

Overall, it is a valuable resource for experienced traders who are looking to take their skills to the next level. The book provides practical guidance on a range of advanced trading strategies and emphasizes the importance of a disciplined, systematic approach to trading.  

Contents of advanced futures trading strategies robert carver read online

  • Part One: Basic Directional Strategies 
  • Part Two: Advanced trend following and carry strategies 
  • Part three: Advanced directional strategies 
  • Part four: Fast directional strategies 
  • Part five: Relative value strategies 
  • Part six: Tactics 


Advanced futures trading strategies pdf Details

Book Name Advanced Futures Trading Strategies: 30 fully tested strategies for multiple trading styles and time frames
Author Robert Carver
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 252
Release date April 18, 2023
Language English


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