Balasaheb Shinde Marathi Grammar Book PDF

Balasaheb shinde marathi grammar book pdf: Balasaheb Shinde was an Indian social reformer, linguist and writer who is known for his significant contributions to the field of education and language. He was born in 1867 in a small village called Kanhur in Maharashtra, India. 

Shinde was also a strong advocate for the use of the Marathi language and was instrumental in promoting the language in educational institutions. He believed that the use of the mother tongue was essential for effective learning and development. 

Balasaheb shinde marathi grammar book pdf 

Shinde is particularly known for his work in English grammar.  

He wrote a book called Sampoorna Engreji Vyakaran which is one of the most comprehensive and detailed books on English grammar in the Marathi language.  

The book has been widely used in Maharashtra for several decades as a reference guide for students and teachers of English.   

Apart from his book on English grammar, Balasaheb Shinde wrote several other books and articles on various subjects including literature, history and social issues. He was a prolific writer and his works have been widely read and appreciated in Maharashtra.  

Balasaheb shinde english grammar book latest edition pdf

In addition to his work on language, Shinde was also actively involved in the social reform movement in Maharashtra during the early 20th century.  

He was a strong advocate for the education of women and was one of the first individuals to establish a girls’ school in his village. He also played an active role in the fight against the caste system and worked towards promoting social equality and justice.  

Overall, Balasaheb Shinde was a multifaceted personality who made significant contributions to the fields of education, language, and social reform in India. His work and legacy continue to inspire generations of Indians to this day. 

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Book Name Balasaheb Shinde – Sampoorna Engreji Vyakaran
Author Name Balasaheb Shinde
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 480
Language English 
Publication Anand Publications


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