Chasing the Alpha’s Son PDF

Chasing the alpha’s son pdf: Get ready for a gripping winter romance in Penny Jessup’s highly anticipated second book of The Alpha’s Son series. In this heart-pounding sequel, it’s been three long months since Max and Jasper’s unforgettable kiss on the beach, but Max hasn’t heard a single whisper from Jasper.  

With Christmas around the corner and a sense of longing in his heart, Max, despite vowing to chase Jasper to the ends of the world, is on the verge of giving up.  

Chasing the alpha’s son pdf

However, fate takes an unexpected turn when Alpha Jericho announces a special envoy of Elite Pack wolves to witness a rare Blood Moon in the rocky mountains. 

Seeing the opportunity for a romantic reunion, Max decides to give his relationship with Jasper one last shot against the stunning backdrop of a cozy ski lodge.  

Yet, life in the mountains proves to be far rockier than the terrain. Political tensions between wolf packs and Jasper’s unwavering determination to keep them apart create unforeseen challenges.  

Amidst snowstorms and the emergence of new and old suitors vying for Jasper’s affections, Max begins to question the destiny he’s been so fervently chasing.  

Chasing the alpha’s son download

As the Blood Moon rises, bringing with it unforeseen changes, Max and Jasper’s connection is put to the ultimate test.  

Will they discover the path between their souls amidst the snow-covered peaks, or will the mountain roads lead them to an unexpected and life-altering destiny?  

Join Max and Jasper on a journey of love, destiny, and unforeseen challenges in this gripping installment of The Alpha’s Son series. Winter has never been hotter, and the stakes have never been higher among the snow-covered peaks. 

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Book Name Chasing The Alpha’s Son
Author  Penny Jessup
Format PDF
Pages 333
Size mb 
Release date November 27, 2023
Language English
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