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English communication skills pdf: Communication Skills are the abilities that allow us to exchange our views, facts, information etc in an impressive and straight way.

Communication skills are like a secondary character of any person which exhibits personality and confidence level of that person. 

English communication skills pdf

Communication skills extend in many fields like direct talk, group conversations, lecture delivery, announcements, proposals, standing out with new ideas etc. 

Better communication skills means more confidence. 

Factors affecting communication skills are:-

Clarity in Concept

Person should be clear and simple in thoughts which he/she wants to express in public or in front of any person. Clarity in concept means to look before speaking and ensuring that it is correct because when one speaks the truth then his confidence gets boosted automatically. 

Be Friendly 

Always stay friendly to yourself. It will help you in betterment of communication skills and abilities because your downsides are better known by you. Your friendly behavior will impart a positive impact for the fore persons also and interaction between the persons will elevate which will consequently result in self confidence and realization. 

Friendly behavior has many positive impacts in which the important one is that Friendliness to others helps in gaining knowledge and abilities to speak and interact with others. 

Be Self Confident 

Self confidence plays an active role in communication skills because your behavior, body language, conceptual clarity, aura etc are dominated by your internal confidence. 

People are often seen with a lack in confidence, although they might have better ideas, views and knowledge but they are unable to express themselves. They are always in the fear that their ideas, suggestions, facts may get roasted, thus they try to limit themselves on their own. We all know that no one is perfect in this world but perfection can be to some extent with the help of self confidence. 

Clarity in Vocals and attention towards Listening

Along with conceptual clarity and confidence there is an awesome need for vocal clarity. 

Vocal clarity refers to the speaking clarity and ability to define through your own voice. Speaking clearly imparts an impressive effect to the next one. There are numerous people seen who lack clarity of speech which results in a slight negative impact, although he/she has very precious and valuable thoughts but he/she gets shuffled in the thoughts and speech. Here again, confidence plays a vital role because a confident voice has a strong sense and impact rather than doubt filled speech. 

Secondly, attentiveness while listening adds up lots of information to your mind and with the entry of new information and thoughts your mind starts putting up questions related to recently gained information which results in doubts clearing and interaction also. 

Knowledge also plays a nice role in communicative skills because if you have information and knowledge then only you can express your views to one or everyone. 

Ways to increase Communication Skills

There are some common ways which are given below:-

  • Before speaking, be clear about the topic and information 
  • Speak in a clear voice as much as possible also speak at relaxing and constant volume
  • While talking, try to make eye contact as it gives positive impact as well as your confidence also rises
  • If you feel shy or frightened then try to communicate to yourselves by using standing in front of a mirror
  • Always give relevant information, don’t include unnecessary information in your discussion or speech. 


Still, there are numerous ways to improve communication skills but you can work on yourself in a better way because you are aware of your downsides.

communication skills book pdf
communication skills book

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