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Dark corners megan goldin epub: In Megan Goldin’s latest thriller, “The Night Swim,” following her compelling and unforgettable work, “The Escape Room,” a host of a true-crime podcast becomes embroiled in a small town’s sinister history and a brutal crime that scared it years ago.  

Rachel Krall, a true-crime podcast sensation, gained fame for her role in securing an innocent man’s freedom. While her voice is familiar to many, her face is not. So, when a pleading note lands on her car’s windshield, addressed to her, she’s unnerved by the unexpected attention.  

Dark corners megan goldin epub

The upcoming season of Rachel’s podcast leads her to a quiet town grappling with the chaos of a high-stakes rape trial.  

The accused, a local star swimmer on the brink of Olympic glory, is alleged to have assaulted the cherished granddaughter of the town’s police chief. As Season 3’s success hangs in the balance, Rachel immerses herself in the case.  

Yet, haunting letters persist, and an unseen presence shadow her every move.  

Guided by her relentless pursuit of the truth, Rachel digs deep into the town’s past, unravelling layers of secrets. Among them is the mystery of her own sister’s fate, an apparent drowning that the letters claim was a murder.  

Rachel’s inquiries rattle the town’s inhabitants, who are unwilling to confront the past.  

Dark corners megan goldin audiobook

As the boundaries between past and present blur, Rachel uncovers astonishing ties between the two cases, leading to a revelation that will alter the trial’s trajectory and transform lives forever.  

With a pulse-pounding pace and irresistible momentum, “The Night Swim” probes the cost of reputation, the potential for redemption in a small community, and the enigma surrounding Jenny’s fate.  

It compels readers to ponder: How far can a town go to make amends for its history? What truths lie buried beneath the surface? And what secrets are concealed in the shadows of the night? 

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Book Name Dark Corners: A Novel
Author  Megan Goldin
Format PDF
Pages 368
Size mb 
Release date August 8, 2023
Language English
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