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Things we left behind lucy score pdf: There existed only a solitary woman with the power to liberate me, yet I’d sooner subject myself to flames than solicit assistance from Sloane Walton. Lucian Rollins personified a relentless, revenge-driven tycoon. Obsessed with obliterating the shadows cast by his father’s legacy, he devoted every waking hour to orchestrating maneuvers and erecting an unassailable empire.  

The more wealth and influence he amassed, the more insulated he became against potential threats. Except when it concerned the fiery small-town librarian who invaded his thoughts and disrupted his nights… 

Things we left behind lucy score pdf

Sloane Walton was an indomitable force, resolute in carrying forward her father’s crusade for justice. Her determination was unwavering, but she needed clarity regarding the role the man she detested played—either to the detriment or aid of her family.  

United by an ancient, enigmatic secret and their mutual antipathy, Sloane extended her trust to Lucian about as far as she could throw his impeccably attired frame.  

Their squabbles inadvertently ignited a different kind of spark, transitioning into a steamy one-night encounter that neither fully regretted. Once ignited, these flames appeared impossible to extinguish.  

Yet, Sloane’s yearning for a family clashed with Lucian’s adamance against the notions of matrimony and parenthood. Their transformation from foes to lovers stalled at a crossroads. 

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Lucian held the conviction that broken men fracture women. It was a belief founded in his experiences and observations, and he was unwilling to jeopardize Sloane’s well-being.  

Preferring solitude to endangering her, he severed ties with brutal decisiveness. However, he discovered through painful realization that his departure exposed her to other perils.  

Having been ruthlessly shut out of his life twice, Sloane refused to grant him another opportunity to hurt her.  

Lucian had to forge his own path to redemption; Sloane would not grant him a third chance. He would have to carve that path himself. 

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Book Name Things We Left Behind
Author  Lucy Score
Format PDF
Size mb 
Release date September 5, 2023
Language English
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