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He who drowned the world pdf: Experience the thrilling sequel and grand finale to “She Who Became the Sun,” a beautifully written debut that weaves war and destiny through an alternate epic China. Picture Mulan colliding with the poetic resonance of “The Song of Achilles.”  

What sacrifices would you make for global supremacy?  

He who drowned the world pdf

Zhu Yuanzhang, renowned as the Radiant King, stands on a triumphant peak following her conquest that shattered southern China’s Mongol dominion. Now, ablaze with newfound ambition, she hungers to seize the throne and crown herself as an emperor.  

Yet, Zhu is far from the sole contender for the imperial throne. Her southern neighbor, the formidable courtesan Madam Zhang, harbors ambitions of her own. Her goal: to secure the throne for her husband, with the strength to erase Zhu’s existence entirely.  

To remain in the game, Zhu must stake everything on a perilous alliance with an old adversary—the brilliant yet unpredictable eunuch general, Ouyang. Driven by a consuming quest for vengeance against his father’s killer, the Great Khan, Ouyang has already sacrificed everything.  

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In the shadows, an unexpected contender draws nearer to the throne. The embittered scholar Wang Baoxiang has deftly maneuvered himself into the heart of the capital.  

Through his lethal courtly machinations, he threatens to plunge the empire to its knees. Baoxiang seeks vengeance too, aspiring to become the most decadent Great Khan in history.  

In doing so, he aims to deride the very values his Mongol warrior family cherished more than him.   

All these contenders are resolute, willing to go to any lengths to secure victory. However, in a world where desire spans as vast as the globe itself, the cost may prove too heavy even for the most ruthless heart to bear… 

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Book Name He Who Drowned the World: A Novel
Author Shelley Parker-Chan
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 484
Language English
Release date August 22, 2023
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