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Immortal longings chloe gong pdf: Prepare to be enthralled by the adult epic fantasy debut of New York Times bestselling author Chloe Gong. “Immortal Longings” draws inspiration from Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra,” weaving a tale of fiery power struggles, bloodshed, and romance within a dangerous game.  

In the kingdom of Talin, the capital twin cities of San-Er come alive each year as thousands gather for the palace-hosted games.  

Immortal longings chloe gong pdf

Competitors from across San-Er, confident in their ability to transmigrate between bodies, fight to the death, vying for unimaginable wealth and rewards.  

Princess Calla Tuoleimi, concealed in the shadows, hides a dark secret. Five years ago, a massacre claimed the lives of her parents, leaving the palace of Er empty—and she was the one responsible.  

Before King Kasa’s forces in San can capture her, Calla plans to complete her mission and topple the monarchy.  

Her reclusive uncle, always present at the games’ culmination, becomes her target, and winning the games would grant her the opportunity she seeks to eliminate him.  

Immortal longings epub 

Anton Makusa, an aristocrat in exile, enters the scene. His childhood love has been in a coma since their expulsion from the palace, and he is burdened by insurmountable debts to keep her alive.  

Fortunately, he possesses extraordinary skills as a jumper, seamlessly transferring his consciousness between bodies. His last chance to save her lies in participating in the games and emerging victorious.  

Calla unexpectedly finds an ally in Anton, and together they receive assistance from August, King Kasa’s adopted son, who seeks to heal the wounds afflicting Talin.  The Jasad Heir PDF Download

However, the trio harbors divergent ambitions, even as Calla and Anton’s partnership intensifies into an all-consuming bond. Before the games reach their conclusion, Calla must determine what she truly fights for—her lover or her kingdom. 

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Book Name Immortal Longings
Author  Chloe Gong
Format PDF
Pages 384
Size mb 
Release date July 18, 2023
Language English
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