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 Payback in death pdf download: ? Dive into a gripping new mystery with Lt. Eve Dallas! ? Get ready for a pulse-pounding investigation in “Payback in Death,” the thrilling new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author, J.D. Robb.   

Lt. Eve Dallas returns from a well-deserved vacation only to be thrust into a perplexing case—an unattended death. The victim? Martin Greenleaf, a retired Internal Affairs Captain. At first glance, it appears to be a tragic suicide, but Eve’s sharp instincts tell her there’s more to this story.  

Payback in death pdf download

As Eve delves deeper into the evidence, she uncovers unsettling clues—a window left unlocked, a devoted wife and family, and a meticulously crafted suicide note that raises red flags. Her gut tells her this is no suicide—it’s murder.  

With Greenleaf’s long history of exposing corrupt cops during his forty-seven years in Internal Affairs, revenge may be the motive. Lt. Eve Dallas is determined to uncover the truth and bring justice to the fallen. She won’t rest until this case is closed.  

Prepare for a relentless pursuit of justice and a web of intrigue in this electrifying mystery. ??️‍♀️ #PaybackInDeath #MysteryNovel #JDRobb 

Certainly, here are the key points highlighted from the provided excerpt: 

  • New J.D. Robb Novel: Announcement of a new novel titled “Payback in Death” by the #1 New York Times bestselling author, J.D. Robb.  
  • Lt. Eve Dallas: Introduction of the central character, Lt. Eve Dallas, a dedicated investigator.  
  • Suspicious Death: Description of the central plot—a retired colleague’s suspicious death, which Eve Dallas is tasked with investigating.  
  • Initial Impression: The scene initially appears to be a suicide, but Lt. Eve Dallas becomes increasingly suspicious as she examines the evidence.  
  • Key Clues: Mention of key clues that suggest foul play, including an unlocked open window, a loving family, and a questionable suicide note. 

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Book Name Payback in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel
Author  J. D. Robb
Format PDF
Pages 364
Size mb 
Release date September 5, 2023
Language English
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