Royale Play Design Book PDF

Royale play design book pdf 2023 download: Asian Paints Private Limited is an Indian Origin Private limited company established in 1942. Asian Paints is a paints, furnishings producing company established by four persons in partnership. 

Its founders are Chiman Lal Chauksi, Champak Lal Chauksi, Arvind Vakil and Suryakant Daani. This company is trading in Paints and other household furnishings like fittings, coloring, designing, arts, decors etc in all over India. 

Royale play design book pdf

Asian Paints is not only active in India but also worldwide thus it proves to be a leading company. Asian Paints is the fourth largest company in Asia with an yearly turnover of 170+ Billions. 

Though Asian Paints concerns about home decor, furnishings etc. It provides very progressive and modern types of options in decorations which can be alluring to many persons who are willing to comply with that particular option and can easily go with them. 

Especially in Royale Play there are tons of futuristic designs which look quite alluring and eye-catching.
Asian paints catalogue PDF

Royal Play

Royal Play is a set of different and unique types of materials, designs etc which are specially designed for wall paintings. It offers many options for designing the walls of the houses according to the decorum of the rooms. 

There is always a catalog book which can give better ideas regarding the choice of designs, colors, materials etc . Also it gives customers satisfaction and belief towards the work as well as Company. 

Varieties in Royale Play

Varieties in Royale Play and their details are explained below one by one:-

Royale Play Metallic 

It is an indoor based, non inflammable, smooth and Environment friendly paint which can be used with water. It gives a lustrous look to walls and creative arts can also be done using this paint. As claimed by the company, it is 100% acrylic emulsion for the interiors which can be applied on the walls using different tools. Royale Play Metallic is available in two packs, one is of 200mL and another one is of 1 Liter. 

Royale Play Textile Finish

Royale Play Textile Finish paint is water-based interior wall paint which gives a matt finishing and fabric look. 

It is easy to apply and is free to apply using different tools as per need and design. This pack is totally environment friendly and has no odor, completely health neutral and translucent when applied on walls. 

It is available in two different packs of 200mL and 1 L. 

Note:- It will not work finely on vertical surfaces. 

Royale Play Special Effects

  • This paint is also a water-based special type of copolymer-based paint for the interiors. 
  • It gives an elegant and stylish look to the walls but also gives a smooth and vibrant look to the walls. 
  • This paint is totally environment friendly and has null effect on health because it is odorless and non toxic. 
  • This Royale Paint Pack also comes with two options in capacity one is of 200mL and second one of 2 L. 


Asian Paints Royale Paints come with three types of Paints which can be used in different ways to carry out the unique and alluring look of the walls. It offers paints with different characteristics and textures which can enhance the decorum of the interiors. Though these paints are environmentally friendly and have no effect on health. 

royale play design book pdf

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