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Slaying the shadow prince pdf: For fans of “A Court of Silver Flames,” “The Bridge Kingdom,” and “King of Battle & Blood,” immerse yourself in the epic fantasy romance of “Slaying the Shadow Prince.” 

“Slaying the Shadow Prince” presents a standalone installment in the heart-pounding fantasy romance series, “Mortal Enemies to Monster Lovers.” If you crave fiery heroines and tormented heroes, along with a compelling blend of forced proximity, found family, and a touch-her-and-you-die dynamic, prepare to be ensnared by this seductive and addictive fantasy romance. 

Slaying the shadow prince pdf

In a realm teetering on the edge of destruction, dark forces seize innocent lives to suffer unimaginable fates. Only an unlikely duo – a fierce monster hunter and her monstrous enemy – holds the key to stopping this menace.  

Meet Drue Emmerson, once a noblewoman now turned ranger, driven by a burning desire for vengeance.  

The ruthless shadow wraiths took everything from her, and she’s resolute in defending her fallen kingdom, relentlessly seeking out and eradicating every dark creature she can find.  

On the other hand, there’s Talemir Starling, a renowned warrior celebrated in the realms. But he bears a perilous secret – he’s a half-wraith, connected to the very creatures wreaking havoc upon the world.  

His struggle to control his true nature becomes even more critical when faced with the woman who has vowed to destroy him.  

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When someone dear to Drue vanishes, the evidence points toward Talemir’s kin. However, he’s determined to prove his humanity and sets out to find answers of his own.  

Reluctantly, they must set aside their enmity and join forces to uncover a deadly truth that threatens them both.  

In a world of chaos and perilous encounters, their attraction to each other becomes yet another dangerous element. Their fierce chemistry may prove to be their undoing, potentially bringing about their demise.  The Asylum Confessions PDF 

As their story unfolds, will Talemir manage to win Drue’s heart, or will she carve his out before it’s all said and done?  

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Book Name Slaying the Shadow Prince: An enemies to lovers fantasy romance
Author  Helen Scheuerer
Format PDF
Pages 385
Size mb 
Release date July 20, 2023
Language English
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