When Love and Fate Collide Shayla Hart PDF

When love and fate collide shayla hart pdf: When your best friend warns you about her brother, it’s wise to listen. Especially when that brother happens to be Dean-effing-Reyes, your childhood nemesis.  

Falling head over heels in love with him is a recipe for trouble, and deep down, I knew better. If only I had heeded her advice, perhaps I could have avoided the heartache that lay ahead. The bond I shared with my best friend, nurtured over two decades, shattered when I succumbed to Dean’s alluring charms and wickedness.  

When love and fate collide shayla hart pdf

I tried to resist the pull, to push away my feelings, but the more I fought, the more I craved him. Our toxic connection became oddly addictive.  

But fate had other plans for us. When I discovered I was pregnant, everything changed. Dean and I decided to come clean about our relationship and make it work for the sake of our baby.  

We were ready to defy Ashlyn, our families, and any other obstacles in our path because we believed, perhaps foolishly, that we were cosmically meant for each other. Destined by the stars.  The Asylum Confessions PDF

Yet, standing up to family is one thing, but when a twisted fate actively conspires to keep you apart, how do you fight against it?  

The universe seemed determined to test the limits of our love, and we found ourselves grappling with forces beyond our control, pulling us apart at every turn. 

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Book Name When Love & Fate Collide
Author  Shayla Hart
Format PDF
Pages 412
Size mb 
Release date July 20, 2023
Language English
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