Spelljammer Adventures in Space 5e PDF

Spelljammer adventures in space 5e pdf: Spelljammer is a fantasy campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role-playing game. It was first published by TSR in 1989 and was designed to allow players to explore space and travel to other planets while still using the rules and concepts of D&D.

The setting includes elements of fantasy, science fiction, and high adventure, and features a variety of creatures, races, and civilizations that can be encountered during space travel. The core rulebook for the setting provides information on how to create and run Spelljammer campaigns, as well as statistics for the ships and weapons used in space travel.

Spelljammer adventures in space 5e pdf

In Spelljammer, players can explore the Crystal Sphere which is a large, hollow sphere that surrounds a fantasy world, and contains multiple planets, stars and other celestial bodies. Travel between the spheres is done using spelljammers which are ships powered by magic, that can sail through space using the “phlogiston” a magical substance that fills the void between the spheres.

The setting also introduces new player races like the giff, a race of elephantine humanoids, the neogi, an race of spider-like humanoids, and the illithid, a race of mind flayers. There are also a variety of new monsters and creatures that can be encountered in the setting, such as the beholder-kin, the giff steed, and the space dragon.

Additionally, Spelljammer introduces new magic items like the Helm of Star Travel, which allows a ship to travel through the phlogiston, and the Ring of Wizardry, which allows the wearer to cast extra spells.

In summary, Spelljammer is a unique and creative campaign setting that allows players to explore space and experience new adventures while using the familiar mechanics of D&D. It has a rich and detailed world, with new races, creatures, magic items and more to discover.

About spelljammer adventures in space pdf 5e

Book Name spelljammer adventures in space pdf free 5e
Author Name Dungeons & Dragons
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 64*3
Language English
Publication Wizards of the Coast

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