The Gloom Between Stars PDF

The gloom between stars pdf: There is a new book in the series of The Night and Its Moon that is scheduled to be out on July 18, 2023, with cover title The Gloom Between Stars. It is the third book in the series which is created by Piper CJ.  

In the pursuit of their deepest desires… 
Nox and Amaris find themselves confronted with a heart-wrenching dilemma—their long-awaited reunion comes at an unimaginable price.  As passion intertwines with political turmoil, these two young women must navigate an uncertain future in the kingdom of Raascot.  

The gloom between stars pdf

Bestowed with newfound titles, Nox and Amaris grapple with their identities, unsure of the paths they are destined to tread, both for their people and for each other.  

Amidst the brink of war between humans, fae, and monsters, time slips through their fingers as they desperately seek answers. Conquering their adversaries requires more than mere battlefield victories; alliances shift, and fresh perils emerge.  

To stand a chance against their enemies, to secure the future of the continent’s succession, and to unravel the enigma of their bond, Nox and Amaris must find a way to break the curse afflicting Raascot’s fae.  

They must confront their fates head-on, with unwavering determination, and hope to emerge from the crucible of their destiny alive. 

“The Night and Its Moon” is a riveting tale of sacrifice, love, and the pursuit of truth.  Only Good Enemies Read Online

As the clock ticks and the stakes soar higher, Nox and Amaris will be pushed to their limits, discovering the strength within themselves and the power of their bond. 

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Book Name The Gloom Between Stars
Author Piper CJ
Format PDF
Pages 512
Size mb 
Release date July 18, 2023
Language English
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