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Assistant to the villain hannah nicole mae pdf: Imagine the enchanting world of “Once Upon a Time” colliding with the quirky humor of “The Office” in Hannah Maehrer’s uproarious TikTok sensation-turned-novel. Enter the realm of the unlikeliest of romances between a sunshine-filled assistant and an Evil Villain.  

HELP WANTED: Seeking a dedicated assistant for a renowned villain, adept at juggling assorted office tasks, supporting staff during their endeavors of chaos and dread, and managing other Dark Responsibilities. Absolute discretion is non-negotiable. Perks include exceptional benefits.  

Assistant to the villain hannah nicole mae pdf

Evie Sage’s commitment to her family’s well-being is paramount, rendering her employment decision of utmost significance. Thus, when an unexpected encounter with Rennedawn’s most infamous Villain culminates in a job offer, Evie reluctantly accepts.  

Every position has its drawbacks, naturally, but none more so than when you inadvertently develop a minuscule crush on your menacing, tempestuous, and undeniably attractive boss. Resisting the allure of evil? Easier said than done, Evie.  

Amid adapting to the peculiarities of dangling severed heads and the occasional crunch of stray eyeballs underfoot, Evie becomes suspicious of an uninvited guest lurking in the dungeons—and not just of the rodent variety.  

Assistant to the villain free pdf 

Something sinister festers in the kingdom of Rennedawn, with a plot to dethrone the Villain and dismantle his nefarious empire.  

As Evie navigates the labyrinthine corridors of her workplace, she must battle not only her burgeoning infatuation with her enigmatic boss but also uncover the true identity of the saboteur undermining his pursuits.  

It’s a delicate balance between heart and duty, and Evie is determined to ensure justice prevails.  

After all, securing gainful employment that aligns with one’s values is a rare gem to unearth. 

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Book Name Assistant to the Villain
Author  Hannah Nicole Maehrer
Format PDF
Pages 352
Size mb 
Release date August 29, 2023
Language English
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