Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 18 PDF

Diary of a wimpy kid book 18 pdf: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series is a highly popular and successful children’s book series written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney.  

The series follows the life and misadventures of Greg Heffley, a middle school student who chronicles his experiences in a diary format filled with illustrations, doodles and humorous anecdotes. 

Diary of a wimpy kid book 18 pdf

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series in a sequence:  

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2007): The first book introduces readers to Greg Heffley and his middle school journey as he navigates the challenges of friendships, family, and school life.  
  2. Rodrick Rules (2008): In this sequel, Greg faces the struggles of having an older brother, Rodrick, who often torments him but also occasionally offers unexpected support. 
  3. The Last Straw (2009): Greg sets out on a mission to change his reputation and make some positive changes in his life, but things don’t always go as planned. 
  4. Dog Days (2009): In the fourth book, Greg experiences the joys and challenges of summer vacation, including family trips, dog troubles, and the allure of video games. 
  5. The Ugly Truth (2010): Greg enters the awkward stage of adolescence and confronts the changes and challenges that come with growing up. 
  6. Cabin Fever (2011): In this book, Greg gets stuck at home during a snowstorm and faces the dilemma of being trapped indoors with his family. 
  7. The Third Wheel (2012): Greg navigates the ups and downs of middle school social life, including school dances and finding a date for a Valentine’s Day dance. 
  8. Hard Luck (2013): Greg experiences a string of bad luck and tries to find a way to turn it around. 
  9. The Long Haul (2014): The Heffley family embarks on a road trip filled with mishaps, adventures, and comedic moments. 
  10. Old School (2015): Greg’s school goes through changes as they try to adopt a more old-fashioned approach to education, leading to new challenges for Greg. 
  11. Double Down (2016): Greg explores his creative side and faces the pressures of fitting in with his classmates. 
  12. The Getaway (2017): The Heffley family goes on a tropical vacation that doesn’t quite turn out as expected. 
  13. The Meltdown (2018): Greg and his friends navigate a neighborhood conflict during a snowstorm. 
  14. Wrecking Ball (2019): Greg’s family faces home renovation challenges, leading to unexpected consequences. 
  15. The Deep End (2020): Greg and his family embark on a camping trip with various comedic and chaotic moments. 

Each book in the series offers humorous and relatable stories that resonate with young readers, making the series a favorite among children and encouraging many to develop a love for reading. 

About diary of a wimpy kid book 18 read online free

Book Name No Brainer
Author  Jeff Kinney
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 224
Language English
Release date October 24, 2023

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