Change of Plans Dylan Newton EPUB

Change of plans dylan newton epub: In this delightful romantic comedy, a local hero steps up to save the day for a chef unexpectedly thrust into the role of caregiver for three little girls, who might just end up saving him in return.  

Disaster strikes when chef Bryce Weatherford finds herself entrusted with the guardianship of her three young nieces. Her life takes a wild turn from cooking with fire to managing what feels like a full-blown dumpster fire.  

Change of plans dylan newton epub

The challenges are real: five-year-old Addison won’t part with her fairy wings, eight-year-old Cecily refuses to take baths, and tween June seems to specialize in belligerence.  Amidst this chaos, Bryce’s dreams of a life beyond managing her family and her new job begin to fade.  

On the other hand, Ryker Matthews, haunted by the lingering pain of his below-the-knee amputation and the memories of his past Marine career, focuses on his vehicle restoration business to cope.  

He knows he’s fortunate to be alive, but the feeling of being “lucky” clashes with the loneliness in his heart. Fate intervenes when Ryker and Bryce have a serendipitous encounter in the grocery store’s baby aisle, and sparks fly between them.  

However, both are hesitant to embrace the prospect of falling in love, fearing it might bring unexpected challenges. Yet could this unexpected encounter be precisely the change of plans they need to find happiness and healing together?  

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Book Name Change of Plans
Author  Dylan Newton
Format PDF
Pages 368
Size mb 
Release date August 1, 2023
Language English
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