Introductory Microeconomics Class 11 Sandeep Garg PDF

Introductory microeconomics class 11 sandeep garg pdf: Sandeep Garg’s Microeconomics class 11 is a comprehensive textbook for students studying economics at the CBSE class 11 level. The book is divided into nine chapters, each covering a different topic in microeconomics.  

The book is written in simple and easy-to-understand language making it accessible to students of all levels. It covers all the essential topics in the subject and provides students with the tools they need to analyze economic phenomena at the micro level. 

Introductory microeconomics class 11 sandeep garg pdf

The book is widely used by students across India and is considered a go-to resource for those who want to develop a thorough understanding of microeconomics. 

The first chapter introduces students to the subject of economics and its various branches. It also covers the basic concepts of microeconomics, such as demand, supply, and equilibrium. 

The second chapter focuses on the theory of consumer behavior. It covers topics such as indifference curve analysis, budget constraints, and the concept of utility. 

The third chapter is dedicated to the theory of production, covering the different factors of production and their role in the production process.   

The fourth chapter deals with the cost of production and the different types of costs that firms incur in the production process.  

The fifth chapter introduces students to market structures including perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition and oligopoly.   

Microeconomics class 11 sandeep garg pdf

The sixth chapter focuses on the concept of market failure including externalities and public goods. The seventh chapter covers the theory of distribution, including the different factors that determine the distribution of income and wealth in an economy.  

The eighth chapter introduces students to international trade and the various forms of protectionism, including tariffs and quotas. The final chapter covers the Indian economy and the various policies that have been implemented to promote growth and development.  

Sandeep Garg’s Microeconomics class 11 is known for its clarity of explanation and use of real-world examples to illustrate economic concepts.   

Overall, Sandeep Garg’s Microeconomics class 11 is an excellent resource for students who want to gain a thorough understanding of microeconomics.  

About introductory microeconomics class 11 sandeep garg pdf download

Book Name Introductory Micro Economics for Class 11 – Examination 2022-23
Author Name Sandeep Grag
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 450
Language English
Publication Dhanpat Rai Publications


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