The Stars Are Dying Chloe C PDF

The stars are dying chloe c pdf: There is a new novel in the series Nytefall are set to be released on July 11, 2023. It is the first book of the series with the title The Stars are Dying created by Chloe C Peñaranda. 

In a forsaken realm, abandoned by celestial guardians and suffering under the rule of a tyrant king, Astraea finds solace in seclusion. Her memories are fragmented, limited to only five years of her life. Determined to uncover her past, she resolves to escape the cruel grasp that shields her from the malevolent vampires rumored to haunt the land. 

The stars are dying chloe c pdf

However, fate takes an unexpected turn when Astraea encounters the enigmatic Nyte. She soon realizes that sheer determination is insufficient to safeguard her heart.  

Nyte lingers like the darkness that fills the void between the stars, and Astraea discovers that her captor’s methods of control were not based on deceit, but rather on a different truth.  

In her desperation, she reluctantly accepts Nyte’s assistance, unsure if she has pledged her loyalty to one of the bloodthirsty creatures feared by her people. 

As their pact is sealed, Astraea’s opportunity to escape materializes in the form of accompanying her closest friend, Cassia, to the King’s Central.  

The stars are dying pdf

Within the confines of the royal domain, the centenary of the Libertatem unfolds—an array of trials orchestrated by the king, where five human realms vie for protection against the vampires who seek blood, claim souls, and unleash havoc under the cover of night.  

When tragedy strikes, Astraea must decide if assuming the role of a murdered participant, to ensure the safety of her kingdom, is a calculated gamble worth risking her life for.  

She must weigh the value of security and the long-awaited answers about her past against her deepest desires. 

About the stars are dying book pdf 

Book Name The Stars are Dying: Nytefall Book 1
Author  Chloe C Peñaranda
Format PDF
Pages 514
Size mb 
Release date 11 July 2023
Language English

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